Old PC Challenge – part 1

To continue where we left off earlier, here we have the specs:


As you can see I could only find 4Gb usable RAM for it but the CPU is one of the most highly rated E series Core2Duo models. The mighty E8400 @ 3Ghz with 6Mb of L1 cache and a bus speed of 1333Mhz.

Below I’m highlighting the system rating.


Yes. Windows 10 still has the system rating but it’s hidden and you have to look for it in an XML file. The file is in your Windows\Performance\WinSAT\DataStore folder, just look for the most recently made .XML file.

If you can’t find an .XML file in there or the directory is empty, start a command prompt as administrator and type in the following command: winsat formal then press enter.

Wait for the process to be over, it will have generated something like the above file.

As you can see our system score is 4.4. As usual it’s limited by its lower denominator which in this case is the GPU.

Memory is 5.9 but limited by the 4Gb on a 64bit system. More important is the CPU score, a surprisingly high 6.7.

Note that the GPU score is low – 4.4 – because the integrated graphics adapter is an Intel series. Probably an Intel HD 1000 series or similar which is rather low on the food chain for a GPU. I will update the system now, then tomorrow I will install a better graphics card, and probably a sturdier power supply as the integrated one is a 320W max model and depending on the graphics adapter I find in my lair, it might require at least 400W or more.

To be honest, I’ve installed Chrome on the PC and it’s actually running pretty well as it is but again, I want to see it run something like Metal Gear Solid 5 or Planet Coaster.

Stay tuned.