Old PC Challenge part 2 – PSU will not work with HP motherboard

First snag in the project was hit this morning, came in with an nVidia 470GTX GPU card but the card requires 2 six pin adapters to the power supply (PSU) , and they are missing from the stock HP PSU.

Luckily I had also brought in an OCZ 500W PSU with the correct connectors for the GPU.

Sadly the HP motherboard has a 6 (5 connected) pin proprietary connector on it that does not exist in the aftermarket.

Luckily I had another PC lying around with similar specs although this one uses DDR2 RAM which runs at 800Mhz instead of 1333Mhz – this is a HUGE setback. We’ll see how the PC reacts.

Pictured on the left is the “new” PC. Same E8400 3.0Ghz CPU. Same 4Gb RAM but clocked slower. If you look closely on the GPU you can see the 6 pin PSU connectors that are missing from the HP PSU. Now go back to the intro part¬†and you’ll see the photo of the HP computer with the proprietary motherboard connector. Yuck, another reason not to get a home PC from any manufacturer, instead opting for a build it yourself type of computer. Even if that means having a store build it for you.

Since this PC was going to be a bit slower given the lower clocked front side bus speed (800 vs 1333) I installed an old SSD drive I had – a 240Gb AData drive to help it a bit and stuck Windows 10 (again) on it. Again it took about 25 minutes to install and once completed most devices were detected correctly, after installing the one driver that was missing – some internal bus thing – I went and got the nVidia drivers from the website and installed that as well.

Next I’m going to run the system rating test once again and report back.