Old PC Challenge – Part 3

So after reinstalling Windows 10 on the ‘new’ PC with a slower front side bus speed – 800Mhz vs 1333Mhz the ‘old’ one I was amazed to find the following system rating results:

When comparing both systems I tabulated the following results in the system rating:

The graphics being significantly higher is not surprising because frankly a GeForce 470GTX is expected to blow any Intel GPU out of the water. The Disk speed either since we were going from a plain Vanilla HDD to an – albeit older generation – SSD drive.

However what surprised me the most is the memory rating increasing rather than decreasing.

Note that we went from a proprietary HP motherboard to an ASUS P5QPL-AM Green edition but that alone shouldn’t explain the 0.9 rating points boost here. Drivers were installed properly on both machines.

Next step is installing Metal Gear Solid V and looking at the kind of quality and FPS we get.