My top best and biggest disappointments of 2016

2016 was a bit of a crazy year, no need to repeat what has already been said about it. Here are my favorite – and my biggest disappointments of 2016.

Video Games

Favorite – Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

This was by far my favorite among all the games I played in 2016. Lots of action, plenty of choices to make, great controls and graphics, different endings and a huge open world accompanied a great story-line and made for a fantastic experience for the gamer.

So good in fact that I played it twice and am currently in my fourth game.

Honorable Mention – Rise Of The Tomb Raider (Xbox One)

Biggest disappointment – XBox One

In June (or was it July?) during the E3 I picked up an XBox One Arctic White edition with three games included and a white controller. Games were Quantum Break, the new Tomb Raider and Alan Wake. I should’ve kept my 300$. I’ve been using it recently to play Metal Gear Solid 5 for the third time after playing it twice on PS4.

Seriously what are Microsoft thinking with that impossibly user unfriendly interface and updates galore. I mean it seems like every time I turn it on – UPDATE TIME! – so I sit for 10-15 minutes and wait for it to complete.

To be fair I played through most of the new Tomb Raider and found it was a rather good game.

Honorable Mention – Planet Coaster, Star Wars Battlefront


Favorite – 10 Cloverfield Lane

Really, if you’ve not seen this movie go see it now. Keep an eye on this page for my future article about good sci-fi vs bad sci-fi. This was good sci-fi and just saying that is a spoiler but damn this movie was so good. First 10 minutes ok, next 20 minutes much better, next 20 minutes riveting and the final 20 minutes made me fall out of the couch.

Honorable mentions – Deadpool, Risen

Biggest disappointment – Suicide Squad

I was looking forwards to this movie but it turned out to be so-so at best. Not the worst movie I saw all year (Weiner Dog comes to mind…) but it was definitely the one that disappointed me the most. I like to blame Will Smith for making all the other actors including the way overhyped Jared Leto look like amateurs.

Luckily there was Margot Robbie dressed up as eye candy to keep me awake.

Honorable mention – Allegiant, Now You See Me 2

TV Series

Favorite – The OA

Right up until late December I thought for sure that Stranger Things would win this one then I started binge watching The OA at launch on December 16th on Netflix and was immediately hooked. This is what in my mind defines good sci-fi. Not that Stranger Things is bad in any way, it’s also good sci-fi but Stranger Things won’t make you think as much as The OA.

I finished watching it for the second time – something I’d never done with any other series – last night and I had tears in my eyes at the very end.

Honorable Mentions – The Grand Tour and Stranger Things.

Biggest Disappointment – tie: Top Gear (BBC) and Man With a Plan

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Yes I was a huge Top Gear fan before the whole Clarkson getting smashed and smashing his producer in the head in a drunken rage, getting fired and the whole nine yards. So yes I was quite disappointed to see Top Gear get completely and utterly ruined by Chris Evans. Ironically the best part of that new “era” in Top Gear history, Matt LeBlanc, is the worst part of Man With a Plan.

I watched all the new season of Top Gear. Yeah, I like Leblanc that much but…

In Man With a Plan Leblanc stars in the like 11th sitcom where a dad “takes over” the household tasks of raising children after his wife goes back to work. Let’s face it, this has been done before.

It has been done better by Tim Allen in Last Man Standing, it has been done average by Kevin James in Kevin Can Wait and countless other times by other actors.

It now has also been done badly by Matt Leblanc in Man With a Plan.

There is literally no acting chemistry between Leblanc and Liza Snyder playing his onscreen wife. They literally could’ve picked anyone else off the street including a few homeless women in LA, cast them in that role and gotten better results.

I only watched a handful of episodes before stopping, they are sitting on my PVR waiting for me to run out of room and be deleted.

Honorable Mentions – American  Horror Story My Roanoke Nightmare, Stan Against Evil, Ash vs the Evil Dead